Here We Go!

Hello all! First of all as this is first post some little things about me. I am Vishal from Ahmedabad,India. As every teenager I am greatly interested in technology and have a hobby of learning new thing and experiments about it. So using free time of vacation and to share the knowledge or you can say about making little money(pocket money) I started this blog. I am new bie in this blogosphere and trying to learn it every day more and more.

Now about my blogging niche,Well I can write on any type of subject but here I will publish some tech. tricks some blogging tips which I am learning now-a-days and some new technology updates. At this moment I am not thinking about buying a domain because first I want to learn and then I will do it.

Hope that you all like what I write and I also try my best to share every thing as much as possible. Stay tune for my updates.

Thank you all for reading my first post. Please give me you feedback as well as if you are from blogging side than its my pleasure if you give me small but important tips. 

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