Make your own shortcut key for your favourite program

We always love shortcut whether it is computer shortcut keys or any other. There are some default computer keys provided by OS. Still some programs don’t own shortcut keys. There is a way to create for shortcut keys on our own.  Here in this post I am explaining how to create custom shortcut keys for any program in computer. Also read : How to block someone  in GMail

Just follow these steps and you can create shortcut keys for your favorite program.

->  First open that folder which contains that program or go to that program. Here I am taking Adobe reader for example.

->  Now right click on the icon of that program.

->  Select properties from option

->  Now you can see there is an option to set shortcut  key

->  Here you have to press Ctrl+Alt So just type the third key and select apply.

->  Now just press that keys and your program will open.

In this type of shortcut keys, we have to press Ctrl+Alt followed by the shortcut key.It is some what long but still we can make our work faster by creating shortcut keys for those programs that we use frequently.

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