4 steps to Backup your Facebook Data

Facebook, a place where we find new friends, a place where we can talk to our dear ones even if they are far away from us, a place where we can like some one’s photo and a place where we can get some craziest comments. In these days hackers are very active on hacking account of social networking sites. It is better if we take a backup of all the photos, status, comments as well as all wall posts.
It is not hard to back up of all your Facebook data. It can be done in just four steps.

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1) First login to your Facebook account an open setting by clicking on the drop down menu from the left-top corner. 

2) Select account setting from it. Now at the last you can see an option to download a copy of your Facebook data. Click on it.

3) Click on the start my archive.

4) Now Facebook just started to gathering your data. When your archive is ready it will mail you than you can download all your data.
                        facebook backup

What is included in backup?

-> Your/Shared Photos
-> Your/Shared videos
-> Your comments (On your wall), Massages and all conversation in chat.
-> Name of all your friends and their Email address (if their Email address is listed )
It will not contain your Friends photos, your comment on your friends’ photos and other people’s personal information.

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