Convert your PDF file into Word file

PDF – Portable Document Format is one type of file format which allows to add images , videos and all other information in one file. PDF files are also one of the most popular format across the computer world for sharing text files. It is also used to create E-book.

When you need to convert your PDF file to Word file?

1) If you want to correct some of information from it.
-> If you want to edit any PDF file than it is not possible to edit it without external help of any software and other online tools.

2) If you want to reduce your file size.
-> Reason behind this is PDF file is likely to have some images and other graphics which increase the size   of your file. At that time you can reduce the file size by removing additional images and other graphics from it.

3)  When you need cut some text from the file
-> Many time it happens that from a long E-book you need only some of the information. Than it is advisable to convert it to the word file to edit it first.

There are many online tools available for converting your PDF file into word file as well as offline tools are also available . Here are the link of the couple of online tools that I use for converting files.


From here you can download trail version so that you can convert your PDF file when you are not online.


Online OCR is another tool for converting PDF file to word file. Here you can convert up to 15 PDF file without regestration,however if you are register your name than you can convert any number of files.

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