How To Delete Your Twitter Account Permanently

It is not an easy task to get completely away from the social networking. It is very true for Facebook as much as for the Twitter. If you are addicted to the Twitter it is very hard to keep our self away from all those #Hashtags, Trends, Replies to the unknown person, Favorited tweets and Retweets. 

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If you are looking for deleting your Facebook account then please visit the below link.


Now back to the Twitter, there is not some direct option to delete your Twitter account. It is hard for the Twitter also to delete your account because they have to delete all your data from their servers as well as from others account too. So the only option is to deactivate your account and don’t open that it for the at least 30 days.

Steps to delete Twitter account

-> Go to your Twitter account.

-> Click on the Gear Icon next to the Search Bar. 

-> Select Setting from it.

-> Select Account from the left side. Navigate to the last. Select Deactivate My Account.

-> Now don’t open that account anytime. Even if you want to check then check it from your Friend’s account or from your new account.


-> Don. T open your account and stop thinking about that account.

-> Remove the Twitter App from your Mobile or remove that account from your mobile because when you are using Internet on your mobile your Twitter app will run automatically. So there is a chance of reactivation of your account.

-> If you are looking for a new account and want to use the same user name then first change your user name from your existent account. Otherwise you have to wait for many days to get that username.

-> After Twitter will delete your account  there is no Guaranty  that search engine also delete all the link regarding your Account.
-> Twitter says that they will delete all your data but many experts from that field is saying that Twitter never delete your data. They kept some of your data but it is unreachable from the public. So Deleted  Twitter Account is neither a way to hide your data  from others at least from Twitter.


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