How To Make Money With Facebook

Yes! Make Money with Facebook. I am not joking. So the first thing I want to tell you is if you want to make money and enough passionate about your business than you can make money from anywhere. No need of introduction of Facebook Is needed so we are directly moving towards our Point.

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How you can Make Money with Facebook?

There are many things from where you can make money with Facebook. You can make money by developing an app, Advertisements, Facebook Page and many other things. Here I am sharing the best and easy method about making money with Facebook.

Making Money with Facebook page is the easiest way. There are some indirect and direct ways for it. Here in this post I will discuss some of them.

—>  Make Money With Facebook Page

Facebook Page is a great way to make money with Facebook. If you don’t know how you can create your Facebook Page then Click Here and first make your Page.

Creating a Facebook page and making it popular is similar to blogging. You have to make your Page Famous. If you are not able to make your Page famous and not able to generate traffic to your blog than you can’t make money.  Popularity is the main Concern in any kind of business and same is here. Here Popularity means More likes, More genuine likes.

Create Your Page, Make it famous, generate traffic to your page, get tons of likes and then follow the method that I said in this post.


-> Advertisement On Your Page

Understand that traffic from where your traffic comes. Now if your Page is Popular enough than Contact the advertiser to make advertisement on your page. You can contact them Online from their website or if they are in your area than contact them personally. Be aware that those advertisers are matched with your Facebook Page. Like if your Page is about the New Mobiles you can Put an advertisement of Mobiles and related to that. If you are advertised about the Clothes on that there will be very less money and even you might lose your Like. You can advertise like this. ” If you are from this area or If you want to buy this Mobile you will find maximum Discount from here.” You can either give coupon codes to provide that product in Less Money.

-> Sell Likes

If you have a genuine like on your Page than people would trust you on what you said. What I am trying to say is there are some people who need some likes on their page. So you can advertise their page on your Page. Here is an example. “Hey all, I found a great page on Mobile services if you have wanted to know more about this thing you can like this page”. Now people have trust on you so they will surely go to that page and many of them will like that page. You can make a deal with other people like X$ for per 1000 Likes. In this way you can make money with the help of Facebook Pages.

-> Become an Affiliate

Affiliate would be the great way to earn money if have some kind of blog and website but if you have only a Facebook Account then you can also join earn money with Affiliate.

First If you are not aware about the affiliate than the simple definition of it is ” You recommended other people to buy certain products from your link (Known as affiliate link) and if people buy that product from your link you will get a certain discount from that sell”

There are many online stores where you can become their affiliates. Just search on Google about it. It is always free to become affiliate with any kind of online store. This is quite same as an advertisement but here you know that you will get a certain discount on that product. We assume that you have a fan page on Mobile Tips and New about the new mobiles. So now you can make affiliate with the online mobile store. After becoming an affiliate you can give your link to your Fans (Page Likers). If possible than offer some discount to them so people like to buy products from your link. You can offer discount by coupon codes.

-> Sell Your Page

This should be the last option in this guide of making money. Now what you need to make money with your page. Make your Page Popular enough and sell it:). Am I Kidding?  No I am not. There are many peoples who wants a Facebook Page and even there are also a Facebook Groups for them. Sell your Facebook Page there. If you don’t want to sell your page completely you can either make another admin of your page.

Well, I describe the all best possibilities to make money with Facebook. There are other methods also like Become an app developer and create your own app. But it needs some coding skills to make your own App which most of us don’t have. Facebook Page is the Easiest way to make money from.

If you have another way to make money with Facebook and specially with a Facebook Page than Let me know by your Comment.


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