How to update a blank status in Facebook

Well, No one needs any introduction or tutorial on how update your status on Facebook. Some of us update status every day, some of us update status every hour and some are addicted to updating their status. Ever you noticed that some people are updating the blank status as shown in the image below?

If you want to update your status without a single word than you can do it by simple following steps.

Method 1:

->  Login to your Facebook account and go to the status update field

-> Now paste this or write this code in the status updating field    @[0:0: ]

-> Click on the post button

-> Done! Just check your profile and you can see the blank status update.

Note : You can use 2 in stead of 0 in that code like  @[2:2: ]

Method 2:

-> Go to the status update field

-> Hold ALT  key and press 0173

-> Now click on the post

-> A blank status is updated

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