How To Watermark Pictures for free

Watermarking your images is one of the way to Protect you C. No one wants that other people use their photos without their permission or without giving credit to them. It is very needed to have a copyright of your images or at least watermark your images to reduce the misuse of it.

You can watermark your images either with the help of Photoshop or you can do it with the help of  some online tools. Photoshop is the great way to watermark pictures but for them who don’t know about how to use Photoshop here is the second way for them.
Here is the name of a some websites who offer you to Watermark Pictures for free.
Watermark -Images is a software as well as an online watermark image generator. You can also use it online. You just need to upload your Photos, Enter your Text and watermark it. Here you can not watermark your images with any kind of logo on online service so its better if you download this. 
Here both Paid versions and free version are available. Free version is for only personal use while paid version offers to use multiple watermark, email support and unlimited use. 

Picmarkr allowed you to watermark multiple images at a time. You can choose up to 5 Images and maximum size is 25 MB. This site allows you to watermark by three kinds. You can make watermark by Text , Images (Logo), Tiled. You can also choose where you want watermark on your Image.. 
Like Watermark-Images you can download this also. You can download Pro. The version you can import your Flickr images to it.

Just a simple watermark adding site. You can select as many as photos at once no need of adding watermark separately to other images.  Add your Photos, Add watermark and download and save it to your computer. Here You can upload as many as photos but file size should be Less than 500 Kb

Well, If you are having an Image uploading site or a blog then you can add watermark on the original image and when anybody wants it you can offer them to download via Email. In this way you can get new subscribers and you can protect your images as well.


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