Plan Your own Twitter Hashtag Battle

Every sport matches whether it is a Football match or a Cricket match their fans are also taking part in the battle with the Twitter Hashtag. Those Hashtag Battles are the easiest way to count the supporter or to know the view of the Spectators on the match.

Hashtag battles are very trending now a days. These days it is also used for knowing the best products like someone planned a battle for the Apple vs Android.  In these type of battle people support their favorite product by making a tweet with the hashtag.

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If you want to plan your own Hashtag Battle you can do with the site This site helps you to count the number of tweets belongs to the specific Hashtag (#). All you have to do is just Announce your hashtag on the twitter and tell the people to make tweets with those hashtags. You can count the relevant tweets with you hashtag by entering your hashtag on the

This site is also helps you to know the statistics of some well known Twitter battle. Like I enter #Samsung Vs #Apple and see the statistics in the image given below. Apple is winner by the Huge difference. You can know the features by the different time like Today, Last Hour, This week, This month and All time.

This site has Premium Feature where you can plan for a Multi Hashtag Battle. You have to pay for this otherwise if you are looking for only Two Hashtag then it is always free. Well this use of the Hashtag would be the great way to know your fans. 

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