Top 5 URL Shortener

Shortening your URL is becoming one of the basic need for sharing link across the internet world. Reason for this is it look quite decent, extreme use of Twitter, avoid such a long URL and many other reason for this. Here is the introduction to the URL shortener and list of URL shortener.

What is a URL shortener ?

Many times you came across the shorten URL link like goo. gl/xaff bit. ly/Gris. This is called shortened URL. A site which provide us to shorten our URL is called URL shortener.

Where can we use it?

Well , we can use a url shortener anywhere , anytime and for any link. If you want to share any link with your friends, relatives or in any other group and forum you can use URL shortener.

Why should shortening URL ?

1) Compare these two links… and    which one of these you like. With the use of URL shortener we can make our link decent and good.

2) As we all know about Social networking sites and specially about twitter where we allowed to write only 140 characters in one tweet URL shortener is very useful.  Using URL shorter you can write more words as the link becomes short. It is also useful in other social networking site where we can share information using it.

3) Sometime when you don’t want to share the original URL because of some reason then you can use URL shortener.

4) It has been seen that people are usually avoid longer URL. If your URL is longer and in original format than people can know the subject of it and if they don’t like it they just avoid it.

Now I am sure that URL shortener is a very handy tool for sharing everything and here is the list of top 5 URL shortener.

1) Goo. gl allowed you to shorten your URL without Google account but it is good if you are using this with your Google account. If you are logged in then you can then you can know the details of your shorten URL.

Here you can know all URL through the details which is just right of the shorten URL. Details that include how many clicks have been done with the link, from where people click on that link (Facebook, Twitter or from the forum), their countries, browsers and even their operating system is also available.

2) Bit. ly

If you are talking about URL shortening than a surely come in the list as it is one of the oldest and very popular among social networking. As it offer us to create an account or you can try it for free.

An option of creating your own short link is also available. As an example can be converted into using these. Using you can get information up to real time users . You can create short link for free but paid account is also available which supports customer help and other things.


First of all as every other service is also free. offers you to hide your affiliate link, which is very helpful for the if you are in the affiliate marketing. There is no need of creating any account.

You can customize your shorten links. Taking an example of it I am converting with Now I want to customize it with my own way so I edited it with dtblgr so it is looking like

4) is quite similar to the Tinyurl. Here you have to choose your own keyword without it short link won’t generate. It’s quite simple to use just choose your keyword and it shortens your URL.

5) is popular among the twitter users and if you go to the you can see the statistics of how many URL has been shortened and how many times it has been accessed.

It generates a short link in its own way but there is an option to choose your own link as the same we have done with

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