How To Record Videos with VLC media Player

VLC player is a great player which is supported by the all kind of devices like all android tablets and iOS devices like iPad. VLC media player is a multi functional media player and is useful in various ways. Some days ago I posted about the How To Convert Your Audio-Video files with VLC Player. This post is the tutorial on how you can Create/Record your videos with VLC Media Player. 


You can record and create videos in 3 ways.
1) Directly record from your webcam.
2) Record your Desktop 
3) Record/Cut some parts from the playing Video
So first step is Enable Option of recording videos. Follow the below steps to Enable Recording Option.


-> Open your VLC player.
-> Click on the View Option and select Advanced Option from it.
-> Now one more tab is available at the bottom.
-> That tab is for recording the videos.
Enable Record Option
In this way an option of recording your videos will enable. Now lets move on the various way of recording videos. As I said there will be 3 types so I am talking about them one by one.

1) Direct record of some portion from currently playing video

-> This is very easy. Just click on the record button and your recording will start.
-> There will be not any count down before recording starts. Your recording will start as soon as you hit the record button. 
-> Once you complete your recording hit the record button again. There will be not any prompt for your recorded video. 
-> File Format of the recorded video is same as the original video format.
Recording Button 
2) Record from your Webcam

-> Press Ctrl+C.  A setting box will open.
-> You don’t need to change any setting. Just click on the Play button.
-> Now your webcam will open. 
-> Record your videos in the same way as above. Hit Record button – Record Video – Hit Record button.
-> Your video is ready. It will record in the .avi format.
Recording from Webcam
3) Record Videos of Your Screen

-> Press Ctrl+C.  A setting box will be open.
-> Now change Direct show to the Desktop.
-> Set your frequency of the frame per second.
-> Mostly 10-15 frames/second is using.
-> Minimize your VLC player and record your video. Record your Tutorial. 
Record Desktop
In all types your recorded videosave at LibrariesVideos.
So in this way you can record your videos and can cut your favourite part from your favourite movie, can record your tutorial or just record some funny things from your webcam. If you find any difficulty with this tutorial than drop in the comments here. 


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