11 Facebook Tips that you should know

Facebook, the social media giant is increasing their facilities day by day. Here I am sharing some useful and important Facebook tips that you should know as a active Facebook User.


1) How to resize a locked Facebook profile Picture

Some people has locked their profile Picture but there is a trick to view the profile picture in the original size and original pixels. But there isn’t any ways to see the comments and likes on the locked profile picture.

2) How to update blank status on Facebook

Tired of updating those all status than have some fun by updating a blank status. Know how you can update a blank status on Facebook. You can use the same thing to post a blank comment.

3) Use different fonts on Facebook

Bored from same old fonts of Facebook?! Than try this. With the use of this useful site you can write in as many different formats as you want. So try some new fonts on Facebook.

4) Backup your Facebook data

Backup of your social profile is very needed in this days. Learn how you can easily download and take backup of your all Facebook data including all massages, status, friends, Login record and much more.

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5) How to turn off notifications on Facebook

It is very annoying when you open your Facebook account than there are many notification including some group post, some game request and all less important things. Learn how you can turn of Facebook notification.

6) How to delete your Facebook account permanently

If something goes wrong with your account and you need to delete your Facebook account than this is useful guide to Delete your Facebook account permanently.

7) How to unblock your Blocked Facebook friend

If you have blocked some one by mistake and can’t find that how to unblock him/her again. Than know how you can unblock your blocked friends on Facebook.

8) How to create your own smiley for Facebook chat

Facebook has a many smileys and stickers but if you still need more and want some more new and unique smileys than here is the way from which you can use someone’s profile picture as a smiley.

9) How to see your sent friend request

Facebook might block you from sending friend request because you have so many pending requests. It is better to cancel all those requests.

10) How to turn off Games notification of Facebook

Facebook games are very popular so we used to get many game notification in a day which is not important so why not to turn it off.

11) How to send large files to your Facebook Friend using Pipe

Pipe allows you to send large files up to 1 GB. So you can now send any large videos or photo collection to any of you Facebook friends.

So these are Facebook tips that you should know. If you know some other tips than please comment here so other readers also came to know about it.  

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