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UPDATE : Site is closed on October 19, 2014. For other queries visit ohlife.com

We all are fan of our own life! Once we went in the sweet memories of our past it is very hard to get out from that heaven. Some of us like to use diary to keep a record of our life but for a lazy people like who always hide his/her face behind the laptop its hard or just impossible to write even 10 lines in the personal diary.

I always want to write my diary but can’t because whenever I sit to write my diary either I can’t find my diary or I don’t have a pen to write :). So I found one very easy solution where I don’t need to write in a piece of a paper or don’t need to find a pen. It’s a Digital Diary or Online Diary which means you’ll keep a record of your days in an Online world.

So now there is actually two solution either you create a blog and write your diary where any one can read or any one can comment on it and other solution is use this awesome site named OHLife. I came to know about this site from one of my Facebook Friend. When I went on that site I found interesting thing which is very useful for the laptop guys and for lazy people.

How this site works?
-> Go to the Ohlife.com and enter you email address on the home page of the site. Now they asked for password so only you can see what you write. Now they will mail you like how’s doing or how’s your day. Just reply to those mails and they stored your reply in your account at Ohlife.com. So whenever you want to see your diary log in to your account and see your sweet memories of life.

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-> Ohlife also offers you to write a letter to your future. Confused! Let me explain. Go to This Link and you’ll find another great thing which is write a letter to your future.

Write a Letter To your Future – D TechBlogger

Here you can write anything like what is your goal in near life and what you want to be in some time. Set the date in the counter, write your letter and fill your E-Mail address. Now relax and try to catches your dream and when the date come that you’ve entered you’ll got a mail from them. Which has the same things that your past wrote.   

Give me your response about this post and about the site as well as please let me know if there is any other site which offer’s the same thing.

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