How to Download all mails from Gmail

These days when it becomes necessary to having a website for a business and our Email is now included in those things which we need to check everyday. But doing your work online is having it’s own drawbacks like you lost the access of your Mail account or some how you deleted one of your important mail. To prevent all unwanted things from happening to us you must download all your important mails and taking a backup of your Mail account. Here in this post I am going to show you that how you can download all your mails from your Gmail mail account.
There are two ways to download all your mails of your Gmail account.
I) Take a backup of your Gmail account and download it. So you can use it than offline. If you don’t know how to do it than check my post on it.

II) Download all your Google data directly from a Google service.
I already wrote about the first way of downloading your Gmail contents so here I am going to explain the second way of downloading.

->   Steps 

1) Login to your Gmail account. Now go to THIS LINK for making an archive of your Gmail Account.
2) If you want to take backup of your content related to other Google products like Google+ or your Google Docs you can download it from there.
3) Select Create archive. Now you have to wait for some time because it need some time to creating your archive.
Note : If you don’t want to download all your mails like social networking site’s mail or other promotional mails than there is an option to download mails by labels. So make a separate label  and move your all important mails to that new label and download mails from that label only.
So you can select your Label by clicking on edit
4) Once you got the mail that your archive is ready, You can download it.
So download your mails and keep it as a backup of your important mails. You can also access your downloaded mails offline. If there is any other way to download Gmail Mails than you can mention it in comments I’ll update my article with it.
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