How to download all your Tweets/Twitter archive

Social networking sites shows that how much we’ve changed in the recent times. Like if you are the old user of Twitter and regular tweet than you can have a look at your past or what are the big changes of your life and how was your reaction at that time. In olden days people used to write a diary for all these things. Some people still write diary but if you are one of the most laziest person like me than my post “How to write E-diary” Will help you to start your diary again. So whatever your need for downloading your Twitter archive here in this post I will Surely help you to download all your Tweets including your information and your Retweets on Twitter.

Steps :

1) Go to your Twitter account and Log in.
2) At the top right corner there is a gear icon for setting and help. Click on it.

3) A drop down menu will open. Select “Setting” from it.

4) A new page will open. Scroll down to the last.

5) There is an option for Request Your Twitter Archive. Click on it.

6) Now you have to wait for some time while Twitter is preparing your archive. Once your archive is ready Twitter will mail you the link to download it.

7) Download your Twitter archive from that link.

Done! You just downloaded your Twitter archive which includes all your Tweets and your Personal information. It also include those tweets which you have Re-Tweeted. There are also some third party tools available for downloading Twitter archive. You can check my older post to know about those third party tools. Link : “How to take Backup of your Twitter Account“.

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