How to Write Your Facebook Status in Different Fonts

My last post about the same topic “Use Different fonts on Facebook” is one of the most popular post of my blog and I got many request to write more on the same topic so this time I come up with more services and sites. In this post I will talk about three other sites which can be used for writing in different fonts in Facebook or in any other Social Networking sites.  You can read my old post if you had missed it(Link given below)

1) Messletters

Messletter is on the top of the list because Messletter provides large number of different fonts to write with. What you have to do is just go to the site and you will find a red box saying that “Enter your text here!”. Below that red box there are number of Green Boxes which will show your text in the different fonts. Take a look at the below screenshot. I wrote my blog name Torcanes and I got it in almost 40 kinds of different fonts.

Messletter is not only useful for writing different fonts for Facebook but it has many other things for social networking sites. It provides many Symbols that are made from letters. There are number of other things you’ll find on Messletters.

2) Fsymbols

Unlike Messletters, Fsymbols helps you to write in different kind of symbols. When you go to Fsymbols you will find different symbols. You may find Fsymbols difficult to use for the first time but it is not that much difficult. All you have to do is select any symbol and copy paste it in your Facebook status. There are some other useful things like the one shown in the screenshot. I wrote Torcanes Blog in a really big fonts.

On Facebook many times you see some weird/different kinds of Faces made from the different symbols. Many are available here. So copy paste and Have some fun with it.

3) NameFunk

If you want many different options than NameFunk may disappoint you. Because there is only 5 types of different fonts. Other services from the NameFunk’s other services are random name generator. You can generate upto 1000 totally random names. If you want some good quotes for your Status/Tweets than you can have it from here. There are good number of text from which you can select.

So now if you are bored from the default fonts of Facebook or Twitter than have some fun with different fonts for Facebook and Twitter and also on the other social networking sites. If you know more sites for writing in different fonts than mention it in comments so I can update this post with more good sites.

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