How To See Old Tweets Of Any User Without Scrolling So Much

Twitter, A micro blogging platform that allows people to tell their stories and thoughts in 140 letters. Which is really great idea because we generally don’t have a time to read so long status update like Facebook.Twitter also shows the timeline of other person like what he/she was in past and what they are now. But it is generally hard to scroll through the old tweets because there is neither any page navigation so that we directly go to some page and can see the old tweets nor year like system(like in Facebook) so that we can see what they tweeted 1 year ago. So it become very unpractical to see the old tweets because we have to scrolling a lot.

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Well, there is a Twitter search trick to see the old tweets of any user of Twitter which is as follows.


1) Log in to your Twitter account.

2) You need to know the user name of your desired Twitter user. like in my case I am taking “abc” for example

3) Second thing you need is the time span. Like here I use time span of  2009-09-23 to 2010-10-23. You can select any dates.

4) Now time for action. Copy the below line without quotation and replace “abc” with your desired twitter user name.

“from:abc since:2009-09-23 until:2010-10-23”                                               



5) In result you’ll get your tweets according to your time span. You can very the dates as per your needs.

You can use the same trick to find your old tweets or you can download your twitter archive as I explained in my previous post. So enjoy the tweets of your favorite Twitter user and look at their views with the time change and recent major events. If you found any difficulty than comment below.

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