Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcut keys are useful to speeding up our work while working on PC or Laptop. Gmail is no exception but most of us are not aware about shortcut keys on Gmail. So here in this post I am writing  those shortcuts which we need frequently.

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There are two types of keyboard shortcuts in Gmail.

Gmail Keyboard Shorcuts

1) Shortcut keys that are always active : Some of the shortcuts are always active whether you want or not.

2)  Shortcut keys that you have to turn on : You have to turn on those keys to use. You can turn it on by bellow steps

Steps to turn on Shortcut keys in Gmail :
1) Click on the gear icon (At the top right corner)
2) Select setting from it.
3) In general tab (Default opened) scroll down a bit. There is an option to set keyboard Shortcuts On. 
4) Save Changes and now you are able to use Shortcut keys.

 I am listing here most commonly used Shortcut keys. Shortcut keys are for Windows users. For Mac user replace Ctrl by ⌘.

Keys which are always on 

Ctrl + Enter :        To send a Mail after composing is completed
Ctrl + Shift + c :   To add a Cc recipient
Ctrl + Shift + b :   To add a Bcc recipient

Keys which need to be turned on

c                      :    To compose new mail
d                      :    To compose mail in new tab
n                      :    To send a new message
`                       :    To go to Inbox
e                      :     Archive mail
!                       :    Report mail as spam
r                       :    To reply
Ctrl+s               :    Save in Draft
f                       :    To forward mail

Above keys are frequently used in Gmail. If you want to use more keys here is the link of Shortcut keys for Gmail. Shortcut keys make our work a lot easier and faster. Hope you like this post. If having any question or suggestion write it in comment.

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