How to Hardcode Subtitles In Movies Using VLC Media Player

There are two types of subtitle, 1. Hardcoded subtitle and 2. Softcoded subtitle. Short introduction of both is given below.1. Hardcoded subtitle
Hardcoded subtitles are those subtitles which are inbuilt or internal. Whenever you start your movie or any other video if video has hardcoded subtitles it will start automatically. There isn’t any external subtitle. You can not turn it off.2. Softcoded subtitleSoftcoded subtitle means they are external. You have to start the subtitle manually. It doesn’t start automatically. You can turn on/off the subtitle manually.

After this short introduction, let get back to the post. Recently my friend came to me having a problem about subtitle. He wants to play a movie on his television but there is no option to start the  subtitle. So one of the solution of it is hardcode subtitles. Now other problem arise. How to hardcode subtitle in movie?  So I search in Google about “How to hardcode subtitles in movie?” and got some software names in results and my slow internet speed is not allowing me to download any. But I managed to do it with my favorite media player VLC media player.Follow the steps given below.

NOTE : This method may not work with mkv format as the muxer is not provided by VLC and it could be missing. You can try method after converting to another video format or you can use other tool. I would suggest to use mkvtoolnix. This tool is specially for mkv format. Just add mkv format video and subtitles.

UPDATE : Old method is not working with some video formats since VLC update. Here is another method to hardcode subtitles in movies using VLC.


1) Open VLC media Player.

2) Select media option from menu bar.

3) Select stream from drop down menu.

4) Select your movie/video by clicking on ADD option

hardcode subtitles in movies using vlc media player

5) Click on Stream. Press Next.

6) Now Click on browse and enter the name by which you want to save your movie/video

7) Select the last option, create new profile from it.

8) Name your profile Hardcoding, Select the file format of video. For example select mp4/mov for mp4 videos. In video codec tab, Check on Video. Leave ‘Keep original video track’ and in codec select H-264. In audio codec tab, check on audio and also on ‘Keep orininal audio track’. In subtitle tab, Select overlay subtitles and save it.

9) After all this steps you can see your newly created profile in drop down menu. Select it and click on next.

Hardcode subtitle in videos

10) In the text box remove “scodecs=dvbs,” and click on stream.

Hardcode Subtitles in videos using vlc media player

11) Wait for sometime and your video will be hardcoded.

If you have any problem regarding this let me know by comments. Follow this link for further information.



What you need is a video in which you want to hardcode subtitle and a .srt (You can download it. Hardly about 2-3 KB) file to hardcode it. 

1) Open your VLC media player.

2) Select media option from the menu bar.

3) Select convert/save from the drop down menu.

4) Now select your movie/video by clicking on the ADD option.

5) Select the .srt file of the subtitle. Check “Use a subtitles file” check box if it is not checked.

hardcode subtitles in movies using vlc media player

6)  Now click on the convert/save

7) Select the setting option as shown in the image below.

hardcode subtitles in movies using vlc media player

8) Go to the subtitle menu and correct on the subtitle check box.

9) Correct overlay subtitle check box and save it.

hardcode subtitles in movies using vlc media player

10) Now click on start.

Wait for some time while VLC Player is processing to hardcode subtitle. Once finished you don’t need any external .srt files with it. You can transfer movies and watch it in your Television if your TV doesn’t allow to start subtitles manually.

If you have any query regarding to this post or need some help. Write it in comment.

11 thoughts to “How to Hardcode Subtitles In Movies Using VLC Media Player”

  1. Hi,
    It’s not working on my Windows 10. Then I tried newest VLC version (2.2.1) but same result. Video is converted successfully but no hardcoded subtitles in it. Previously I was using xvid4psp app, but now I can’t use it because newest version does not support hardcoding.

      1. Hi, I just tried the new method (win 8.1). the video converts fine but no subtitle appears… any clue ? thanks

        1. There shouldn’t be any problem if you have followed all the steps correctly. Which video format you are using?

          1. mkv muxer is not provided by the VLC so that could be the problem. You can try mkvtoolnix(link). It is very easy to use(Just add subtitle and mkv file) or if you still want to use VLC try converting video to other format.

  2. Awesome advice, thank you so much. Just figured out how to cast over to TV directly instead of using chromecast which has buffering issues, however was unable to load in subtitles. Your fantastic.

    1. Updated post with new working method. Let me know if you have any other problems.

    1. You have to give name to your file as mentioned in step 6. If you have not did it, do it and let me know if you still face the same problem.

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