How to crop/cut YouTube videos Online

You might wonder after reading the post title; What is the need of crop/cut YouTube videos?  Assume you are watching a movie on YouTube. You liked some part of the movie and you want to share it with your friends on various social networks. There are two options. First option is share the whole movie and comment the timing of the scene. Another option is to cut that part of the movie online and share on Social Networks. If you liked the second option than read ahead.

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In this post I am going to explain how you can Crop/Cut the YouTube online. There is no need to share the whole movie. Just follow the simple steps as I explained below.

Steps to Crop/Cut YouTube Videos Online

1) Open that video on YouTube which you want to cut.

2) Copy the URL/Link Address of that video.

3) Go the site name called TubeChop.

4) Paste that video URL on the site.

5) Wait for some time while they load Your YouTube video.

6) Once they load the video select your timing as I have shown in the image below.

crop/cut youtube videos online

7) After you set the timing click on the chop button.

8) Your video is chopped now and they will give you a new link to your video.

9) Now you can share that video on various social networks or you can embed it in your blog.

So it is so easy to crop YouTube videos. You may find this time consuming but it is very helpful as I have mentioned above.  If you own a movie review blog than it is very helpful as you can cut some of the good scenes from movies for your audience. You can embed Cropped YouTube videos in you presentation also. So there are many uses of it. If you know another good service about it than write it in comment.

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