How to Download Entire Website for Offline Browsing

Internet is full of informative things. We visit numerous sites in our day and bookmark some of them as they are very useful and informative. But what will you do if you don’t have internet connection and want to visit one of those bookmarked site? One option for it is to save webpage in your computer hard drive. Another option is download entire website and use it offline without having to worry about internet connection. Here in this post I will explain How you can download Entire Website to your Computer Hard drive. I also wrote a post about Using Gmail Offline which helps to use our mails offline.

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Steps to Download Entire Website

1) Go to this link and download HTTrack Website Copier. If the download link is not working try downloading it from alternate site(Option is given there).

2) Once downloaded, Run the installer and install it in your computer.

3) Open HTTrack Website Copier you just installed.

4) Select next to start new project.

5) Give your project a name, category and a base path. Click on next after naming.

Download entire website for offlineuse

6) Add URL as shown in the image below. You can also add the list of URL by a text file. 

Download entire website for offlineuse

 7) Click on next and press Finish. Your download will start now. Once download is done your site will open in your browser. Turn off your Internet connection to see if it working offline as well.

Download entire website for offlineuse

8) Your downloaded data will look like the image given below. It very according with different site types. Just open Index.html to open your site any time.

Download entire website for offlineuse

Download entire website for offlineuse


Some feature will not work in offline browsing like social sharing but don’t worry about that. Information you need is always there. So in this way you can download an entire website and can use it offline. There are some other softwares for the same application but I found this good among them.

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