Automatically Open Firefox in Private Browsing

Private browsing is the easiest way to avoid your history and password being saved in browser. In private browsing your browser won’t remember your history or password for any of the sites you visit. Like I visited Facebook in normal browsing and entered password . This is not good if other people has a physical access to your computer because they can see your information like your passwords. So private browsing is life saver in some situations like this. If you don’t want to use private browsing than other option is to set master password in Firefox.

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If you don’t know how to open private browsing in Firefox than there is Shortcut key for it. Simply press Ctrl+Shift+P.

Firefox provides an option to open your Firefox every time in private browsing automatically. Follow the below steps to set this.  

Steps to activate Private browsing in Firefox.

1) select tools from menu bar. If you can’t see menu bar on your browser window than press Alt.

2) Select options from it.

3) Now select primary from different tabs.

4) In history option, select never remember history as shown in the below image.

private browsing automatically in firefox

5) Firefox need to be restarted to active this setting.  

6) Your setting will be applied once Firefox restarted.

You neither get this symbol of private Browsing in Firefox(Private browsing indicator) nor your new tab will look like this.

private browsing automatically in firefox

 Don’t be confused by this because your new setting did the things. So there is no need for those indicators. Now every time when you browse using Firefox it will not remember your history, will not ask you if you want to remember password and will not auto fill forms.

1) What is the benefit of using Private browsing?

-> If you are browsing through public computer than other people can’t see your browsing history. Even if you forgot to logout from your account than there is no need to worry about it. You will be logged out automatically from your account once you close the browser. Also your passwords will not be saved.

2) Who can see my history if I use Private browsing?

-> No one can see your history through your browser. However it doesn’t applied to your Internet Service provider. Also Some websites save your history like Google search History or People you have searched on Facebook.

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 3) Will I be able to bookmark a site in Private browsing?

-> Yes. You can bookmark any website. Private browsing allows you to bookmark a site for future use.

If you want to know more about private browsing in Firefox then click here. So private browsing is very useful even if you are not using public computer.

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