How to see your Google search History and how to clear it?

Recently I wrote about how you can see your Facebook search history, In this post I will be talking about one more search history; Google Search history and how you can clear it. Unlike Facebook where most of us are aware about our search history and activity log, we don’t care much about our Google search history which is comparatively more important.

How Google save our search history?

It is related to your email address. If you are checking your mail or you logged in to your Gmail account and without signing out, You continue your surfing with your different kinds of Google searches. Google than relate it to your account and saves it.

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How to see your Google Search History?

Steps :

  • 1) Go to the
  • 2) If you not already logged in than log in to your Gmail account. Log in to that Email account for which you want to see history.
  • 3) You can see your entire search history that you’ve searched on Google while you were logged i.
  • 4) Here you can see your search history graph like most frequent hours, most frequent days and many other things.
Clear google search history

How to clear Google Search History?

Steps :

  • 1) There are two options to clear Google search history. Either you clear all your searches or some particular searches.
  • 2) If you want to delete some particular searches than you have to delete it manually. You can use search box to find some old searches.
  • 3) To delete all your searches, than click on the gear icon in the top right corner and select setting from it.

Clear google search history

  • 4) Now select delete all as shown in the image below and your Google search history is cleared.

Clear google search history

Why Google save our search history?

Google is smart. They want to make your searches more relevant to your taste. Try one simple trick. Just do some searches while you are logged in and do the same searches while you are not logged in. You’ll see the difference. Google shows more preferable searches according to your taste when you are logged in. Another reason behind this is to serve advertisement we like. Google shows us advertisement that is more related to our recent search terms.

 Like Facebook here also only you can see your search history until and unless someone get access to your account. Once you delete your search history you can never get it back. So only clear your Google search history if you don’t want it in future.

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