How to see your Facebook Search History and How to delete it?

Facebook is a place where we meet some unknown people and eventually become good online friends. Facebook provides an excellent platform to communicate with people you know as well as to strangers. While surfing on Facebook you have searched for number of peoples to add them as friend. Facebook keeps history of whatever you searched after you created your account. Here in this post I will tell you how you can see your Facebook Search history and how you can delete it for your safety.

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Steps to See your Facebook search History

  • -> Log in to your Facebook account -> Click on the drop-down menu as shown in the below image. 
Clear facebook search history

    -> Now click on the Activity Log. As shown in the above image.
    -> On the left side click on the option more >> Search. See below image.
Clear facebook search history
    -> Now a page will open that shows the complete search history that you have typed in your Facebook Search Box.
    -> If you can’t find whatever I said, remove abc from below link with your Facebook Username.  
Clear facebook search history

This page shows you your search history. It might feel awkward to see some of your search history Smile. If you don’t like your search history than you can clear it as I explained below.

Steps to clear Your Facebook Search History

  • On your search history page(Click here if you don’t opened it already) there is an option to clear your search history with just one click.
  • Once you click on Clear Search, your search history will be cleared.
Clear facebook search history

Some FAQs on Facebook Search History.

Q.1) Can other people see my search History.
A. –> No. Other people can not see your search history log. Only you can see after log in to your account.

Q.2) If I clear my Search history than will it be cleared for forever?
A –> Yes it will be cleared from your account. Once you clear your Search history from Facebook, you can not see your old searches again.

Q.3) Do my search history include searches from mobile device?
A –> Yes. Facebook save all your searches typed from any devices including mobile devices.

Q.4) Will my search suggestion be deleted after I cleared my search history?
A –> No. Your suggestion will appear same as you used to see before clearing your search history.

Q.5) What is the benefit of deleting your Facebook Search history?
A –> Not any big reason but it will delete your some stalking and creepy searches of Facebook and if some how your friend get access to your account than you are on safe side.

So they save all your stalking search history. It is advisable to clear your search history for your safety. If you have any difficulty than write it in comment.

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