How to have a 3D desktop

While watching a 3D movie ever you thought about having a 3D desktop. Yes, I am talking about a 3D desktop not just a 3D wallpaper. However there are many 3D wallpapers available on Internet but those are only wallpapers not a complete desktop. While in 3D desktop you will have many other things including desktop icons flow and other things

Shock Desktop 3D

It is very simple and easy to use. It can also run on very low memory so there are very less chance of of system hang. It is absolutely free of cost. It also allows you to play with your desktop icons when you are completely bored.  See the image given below. This is how your screen will look after installing Shock Desktop 3D.

3D desktop

Pros and Cons of Shock Desktop 3D are as below.

Pros :

  • 1) Very easy to use.
  • 2) It runs on low memory.
  • 3) You can switch between your Normal desktop from 3D-Desktop at any time with a single click.
  • 4) You can actually play with your desktop if you feeling Bored.
  • 5) There are different size of icons. You can make all icon larger by just one click. Similarly you can arrange it with just a click.
  • 6) It is freeware. So no need to purchase.

Cons :

  • 1) It has limited feature.
  • 2) Limited number of themes.
  • 3) You can not use your own wallpaper.
  • 4) Right click on the icons will not give you the same options as you see on normal desktop

So Shock Desktop 3D is easy and good to use if you are bored from your old desktop. It take very less time to install and it’s size is no more than 3 MB.

There are other services for the same thing. One of the example is Bumptop, which was acquired by Google in 2010. After that there is no news about Bumptop. You can still find Bumptop on some torrents and other Software download sites but download it at your own risk because they might contain viruses.

You can also consider Fences by Stardock. Here, No 3D type desktop but it will give you a very good experience while using your Computer. It makes your Desktop clear and organized. Read the review about fences here

How 3D desktop works?

3D desktop actually works as a virtual desk. it override your desktop so when you click on the desktop you see a virtual desktop instead of your original desktop.

How 3D desktop affect performance of computer?

If you are running on low configuration than it may not work on your system. There are chances that your system will hang during the running process. If you are using shock Desktop 3D than it will not affect your computer performance much. Most of the computers will not hang while running Shock Desktop 3D

Now Download and enjoy your 3D desktop. If you know other services than let me know by write it in comment.

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