How to Hide Your Folder on Desktop Without Actually Hiding It

Hidden folders are the most precious things in our computer. We hide our personal data and  private data in our computer to make sure that wrong people will not access it. We hide folders by changing their property to hidden. There is another way to do this. In this post I am going to explain how you can hide your folders on Desktop without actually changing their property to hidden. (This is just a trick if you really want to protect your folders than download software to protect them using password. Winmend Folder hidden is good in this.)

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Steps to Hide your folder on Desktop

1) Go to your desktop

2) Create a new folder ( Shortcut key : Ctrl+Shift+N)

3) Right click on that folder and select Rename (Shortcut key : F2)

4) Now hold Alt and Press “+255” without quotation and press enter.



5) Your folder don’t have a name now. !

6) Right click on that folder and select properties.

7) Go to customize tab and select change icon.

hidden_folder on desktop


8) Scroll through some icons and you’ll find some blank icons. Select one of them and apply the setting.

9) Now refresh the desktop.

10) Done ! at first sight it is very hard to tell whether there is some folder on the desktop. Look at the image given below. There is actually one folder.

hidden_folder on desktop

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In this way you can hide your folder on desktop. This is just a trick. People with sharp eyes will find your folder but many will not. Even many times you’ll find it hard to find. Press Ctrl+A if you can’t find your folder. Do not hide sensitive data on that folder as there is no security. It is just doing some fun with computer.

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