How to Know if WebSite is Safe Before Surfing or Downloading?

Computer antiviruses are one of those things which became very important in our life. Whether we are transferring data from a pen drive or downloading some software from internet; we first scan it with our antivirus. Antivirus became one of the essential thing in computer from the last decade.  

If you don’t have a antivirus than I suggest you to download a good one. My suggestion is to use Bitdefender Antivirus. You can download it from here. You can read review of Bitdefender from here.

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Many antivirus don’t provide online securities because sometimes it is not included in your package. Security while surfing online is must needed as you are not aware what things your download package contains. There are many websites from which we can get affected without even downloading.

 How to know if we can trust a website before surfing or downloading?

You can have a good antivirus which provides all way securities or you can download a small extension named Web of Trust.

You may wonder how can an extension save us from viruses. See the screenshot given below. This extension shows that how safe a website is. Green circle shows that you can trust this website while red circle shows that this website might infected by viruses so if you visit that site you may get some viruses free for your computer. You can also read the reviews and can add your own reviews by clicking on the others.

How to know if website is safe for browsing?How to know if website is safe for browsing?

So when you search something on Google. Web of trust shows you how safe that site is or whether you can visit the site safely or not. It is advisable to add your own review to make our web more secure for people

Will this extension affect my browsing?

-> No this extension will not affect your browsing speed. Your browsing speed will remain same as it was before you add the extension.

Do I have to pay for it?

-> No. This extension is absolutely free. You don’t have to pay for it.

Moreover this extension also support most of the browser. If you visit their site you can see the number of downloads of this extension which shows how popular this extension is. Add it to your browser and have a virus free browsing. 

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