Delete your Google (Gmail) Account when it becomes inactive

Google lets you choose what will happen to your account when you no
longer use it. You can set timelines to tell Google when to delete your
account in case it becomes inactive. Data related to your Gmail account i.e. blogger, YouTube, drive etc,
will also be deleted once your set time limit exceeds. This setting
will delete your account only when it is inactive which means you don’t
do any activity related to that account.Also Read : Reveal your secrets after your death. 

Steps to set time limits for deleting your Gmail account.

-> Sign in your Gmail account which you want to delete.

-> Click on your profile image on the left-top corner.

delete inactive google (Gmail) account

-> Select account from that which will open account settings.

-> Scroll down a bit and you can see inactive account manager in the account tools.

-> Open Inactive Account Manager. New page will open select Setup from it.

-> Now you can do various settings.

  • You
    can set time limit when to consider your account as an inactive
  • You can also add trusted contacts and can also share your data
    with them.
  • You can set auto responder to incoming mails to that incoming mail.
  • You can delete all your data related to that account. Make sure to turn on the button of delete account if you want your data to be deleted.

-> Click on the enable and your settings are done.

delete inactive google (Gmail) account

When do Google consider your account as inactive?

you don’t login to your account in any of the Google services in your
set time limit then it will consider your account as an inactive and
will do the processes according to your settings and will delete your
Gmail account.

Tip : You can also add your another Email IDs to trusted contacts to transfer that account data automatically to other account.

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