How to Save/Convert Videos With Slower/Faster speed with VLC media Player

Its always fun to watch videos in different speed. Whether it is watching movies with 1.5 speed to save our time or it be a slow motion to see the reaction of people in the video. With VLC media player you can actually save the video with slow motion or with increased speed. VLC player allows to watch the video with different speed but you can also save it with the speed you want. Here in this post I am explaining how you can convert video in the slow motion or in increased speed.
There are two working method and you can save slow motion video with any of it. First method synchronize audio with video while in second audio won’t synchronize with video automatically. Both method are very easy so you can try any one.
1) Convert/Save videos with slower/faster speed with VLC (First Method)

Steps :
1) Open VLC media player
2) Go to tool and select preference from it or just press Ctrl+p.
3) In the left bottom corner where show setting is written, select all from it.
4) Select Input/Codecs from left side.
5) On the right side you can see option of playback speed. Set your playback speed there. For example if you want to save your video with 1.5x speed then write 1.50 there.
6) Close VLC media player now.
7) Open VLC again and open your video.
8) From the menubar select Media -> Convert/Save or press Ctrl+R.

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Steps To Convert video in Increased/Decreased Speed

Open Your VLC media Player and in the menu bar select Media>Convert/Save or simply press Ctrl+R(Shortcut Key).

Step 1) Add your Video with ADD option as shown in the image below. If you have many videos then you can’t convert it in one go. You have to convert those one by one.

Step 2) Select the check box “Show More Option”.

Step 3) In the last text box add :rate=(any speed you want) for example you want to increase the speed of video by 1.5 times then write :rate=1.5

VLC-Media Player slow motion converter

Step 4) Click on Convert/Save button. New dialog box will open. You can select the extension of the output video by clicking on the setting icon. It works best with .mp4, .avi, .flv. There may be some issues with the timing in the .mkv format.

Step 5) Click on browse and give some name to your video. Extension will automatically be added. Now its all ready click on the Save and wait for some time. Once all processing is completed you can see your where you have save it.

VLC-Media Player slow motion converter

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Now enjoy your Slow Motion video/Fast Forward video. Although you have to adjust with the audio it is the video that we want to see. Now you can send the slow motion/Increased speed video directly to your friend in the Message or in mail or can upload in social networking sites. They don’t have to adjust the speed of the video.

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    1. Do you mean to save the audio with increased speed? or just playing it?
      if you want to save it, download audacity it has multiple feature.
      and if you want to just play it, you can increase and decrease speed with ‘+’ and ‘-‘.

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