How to use multiple Google Drives in same PC

We all have multiple Gmail Accounts for office use and for personal use too. Current Google Drive edition for PC doesn’t allow to use multiple Gmail accounts. There are some third party tools with whom you can synchronize your multiple Gmail Account to your PC and Can Use Multiple Google Drives in the Same PC.

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InnSync is the one of the best third party tool for using multiple Gmail Drives in your PC. It is specially built for Google Drives. It is available for Windows,Mac and Linux. It is also available for mobile systems. It is in beta version for Android and iOS(Private Beta) but you can have full version in the Windows Phone.

With InnSync You can Have following services which are currently not available in current Google Drive software.

  • Using Multiple Gmail Accounts Hence Multiple Google Drives. 
  • Convert Google Docs Directly to the MS Office. 
  • In-Built Sharing of the folders and documents without opening Google Drive on PC
  • Revert Read Only Files
  • Available for Linux (There isn’t any official version of Google Drive for Linux)
  • Below is the Screenshot of InnSync Services 
    Multiple Google Drives in Same PC
    Information From

Download InnSync from Here. There are three plans available here. You can select as per your use. There is also trial version which you can use for 15 days. You have to pay $15 per account and it is for life time which is a quite good deal.


You can also try some other cloud synchronizing softwares like CloudFuze which allows to synchronize your accounts with cloud storage. CloudFuze is also a Paid Solution but with this you can also synchronize other services such as dropbox and onedrive. CloudFuze is quite costly compared to InnSync but it also offers more services.

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