11 useful tips to use Gmail in smart way

Gmail is one of the basic thing which we will use in our online work. It does a lot of help when it comes about professional work. There are some features of Gmail which are still less known. Here is a list of some useful thing which helps to use Gmail in more smart way.

11 Useful Gmail Tips

1) Delete your Gmail account when it becomes inactive.

Inactive account, which are no longer of use. We can delete that account when it becomes inactive and we don’t want to do any work with that account in future. Moreover we can also transfer data from that account to another account when it is deleted. It is  a very good feature of Gmail.

2) Gmail Keyboard shortcuts

Whether it is a shortcut in real life or in our computers we always love them. There are many useful shortcut keys in windows but Gmail has it’s own. With these shortcut keys use of Gmail will become more smooth and more smart.

3) Download all your Mails

This feature helps you to download all your mail in your current account to your local drives in computer so you can also have the access of mails even when there is no internet connection.

4) Send a large files in Gmail

File size limit is 25 MB but if you want to use send more than that then you can use your Google drive account to send files which are very large. This allows you to send multiple files as well as large files too.

5) Add your digital signature in Gmail

Do you want to attach your digital identity in every mail you sent and don’t want to write it every time you sent a mail then Gmail has feature to add your digital signature to every mail you send.

6) Organize your mails with labels 

Now make your inbox to look clean and easy to find any mails. You can create separate labels to work with different things.

7) Set up a vacation responder

So you are going on a vacation and worrying about your online work then you can set a vacation responder in Gmail so you don’t have to worry about your online work and still can reply to your emails. 

8) Categorize your mail

Gmail has feature to divide your work according to categories. Now receive mails according to that. Receive all important mails in same place while other mails in other place.

9) Backup your Gmail Account

Backup is the thing which is very helpful but still underrated. It helps a lot in case we lost the original. You can take a back up of your Gmail account online without any cost.

10) Block a Mail id

There are certain mail id which spams a lot. There is not any option to block mail Ids directly but you can always use the filters to partially block any mail ids in Gmail.

11) Use multiple account with mail delegation

We all have multiple accounts one(or more) for personal use and one(or more) for professional use. You can use all of them at the same time with mail delegation.

So it’s all. If you have other Gmail tips then comment it out and share with us.

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