How to easily embed Google Fonts in WordPress

Google Fonts is a great repository of fonts. In Google Fonts you can find
various collection of different types of fonts such as serif, sans-serif,
handwriting. Embedding these fonts in our WordPress site is a complex task if
you don’t know how to write and edit CSS. But you can do it easily without
editing CSS of your theme with a simple plugin. Here in this post I’ll show you
how you can easily embed Google fonts to your WordPress site without editing

Steps : 
-> Open your WordPress dashboard and open plugin menu. Here you’ll
see your installed plugins. Now click on the ‘Add New’ which is at the top of
your dashboard. Search for ‘WP Google
‘ and install it. 
You can download WP Google Font from here. After that upload it to your WordPress site. 
-> Activate that plugin.
-> For setting up your font go to setting->Google Fonts. You can select any of Google fonts. In
case you want to see how those fonts are you can check at Google Fonts site
google fonts in wordpress
-> Now Select your font(s) and click on the show option for
further setting. You have to choose the part in which this font applies
to. You can add some custom CSS too in case you need to change any property. If
you want to change fonts of your blog posts then choose paragraph (p tags). 

google fonts in wordpress

-> Click on the save setting and open your site. If font is not
changed clear your browser cache (history) or open your site in different
-> Done! Your new selected Google Font is active on your WordPress
site and that too without editing a single line of CSS.
So in this way you can easily set up any Google Font in your WordPress blog
without doing complex task of editing CSS. 

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