How to move Custom Domain Blogger Blog to WordPress

If you are blogging on custom domain blogger blog but wanted to transfer your blog to a self hosted WordPress Blog then it is pretty easy and you can do it in less then half an hour. Here is a detailed guide for moving custom domain blogger blog to wordpress. First, Make sure you know the DNS settings of your Web hosting. Because you’ll need.

move custom domain blogger blog to wordpress

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Guide to Move Custom Domain Blogger blog to WordPress

Steps :

Step- 1 :  Update DNS records

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-> Go to your Domain registrar i.e. from where you’ve bought a domain. For example if you have bought your domain from Godaddy then Godaddy is your domain registrar. Login to your domain registrar.

-> Navigate to your control panel and find the DNS records. Remove blogger’s DNS records which are and – As well as remove 4 IPs from A records.

-> Now change this to your WebHosting’s DNS records given to you. Update it and save the settings.

Note : Sometimes your hosting give only Nameserver’s name. In that case you have to change only Nameservers.

Step – 2 : Set up WordPress and move your blogger content

-> Go to your Hosting and if you have not installed a WordPress then install it. Here is a guide on how to install a WordPress.

-> You have to import your content from blogger to wordpress. Open your wordpress dashboard and go to Tools->Import. Here you can see option for importing from blogger. Click on that and install a plugin.

-> You have to authenticate and allow access of your blogger blog to this plugin.  Your blogger content is now importing by this plugin.

-> Once all your content is imported. You have to change the URL also known as permalink of your blog posts. Go to Settings -> permalink. Select custom permalink and add this.


move custom domain blogger blog to wordpress

-> About your RSS feeds you have to make some changes as shown here.

Step – 3 : Remove Your old blog

-> Now go to your blogger blog and navigate to settings -> general. Remove redirection of your blogger blog to custom domain. All is done now. You can remove your blogger blog now but it is good if you don’t. Make it private blog so there won’t be any trouble from search engines for the same old contents.

Note : 

-> In case of your blogger importer plugin is not working, you can use another blogger importer plugin.

-> Recently I’ve faced an issue while moving blogger to wordpress that some times last character of your url is not there. For example is imported as In this case you can lose your search engine traffic. What you can do is manually checking each links. Though it is a complex task you can run this script shown by a stackoverflow user. Run this script and check all URLs of your blog. Update them from your wordpress dashboard. You can also use this plugin to see all urls of wordpress.

All settings are done now. Your wordpress blog is ready and you can keep blogging as you were doing previously. Happy Blogging.

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