How to Protect Your Eyesight while using Computer

Computer is an essential requirement of our life. We do many things on computer which became our daily routine such as maintaining business, Emails, Browsing, Social Networking and list goes on. But we have to protect our eyes from the harmful rays our computer screen is firing to us. There are some software solution and also some other solution you can do manually.

Protect eyes while using computer


How to Protect Your Eyesight while using Computer

-> Software Solutions

Flux is a computer software which auto adjust brightness of your Computer according to the day time. In night it makes your computer screen little yellow or you can say warm. It protects your eyes when you are working in night. You can also apply it to your screen for whole day.

  • Install extensions in your Browser

There are many extensions available for this. Such as a hacker vision. Hacker vision for Google chrome inverts color of the browser windows and makes it much easier to see.  Blank Your monitor is also a good add on for Mozzila Firefox.

  • Adjust your brightness

Actually you have to do it manually but do not keep your Computer brightness full until and unless it is needed. keep it low especially when you are in a dark room, Full brightness can hurt your eyes more.

-> Manual Solutions

  • Take a break

Do not sit in front of your computer monitor for hours. Instead take a short break of 5-10 minutes. In this break wash your eyes properly. This break should not include checking your mobile notifications else it will be the same.

As suggested by Amit Agarwal in his blog labnol, you can apply this 20 minute rule for to protect eyesight while t. Search over the internet or go to near by store, you can find many different Eyeglasses.

  • Maintain a distance between you and your computer screen

To protect eyesight while using computer you should maintain a distance between your computer screen. According to one survey you should have 15-20 inches distance.

Your work is important to you and you may have to sit all day in front of your computer but do take care of your eyes. Do not take your health lightly as it will be bad in long run. Suggest some of your solution in the comment section about how you take care of your eyes.

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