How to save webpage as PDF in your Browser

While browsing you found useful page and you want to save it for future use, You can either bookmark it or can save it to your local drive. Bookmarking still needs you to have internet access but saving webpage as PDF is more useful because you can use it even without internet connection. Saving webpage as PDF has also other advantages such as readability or you can even mail it to someone.

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There isn’t direct option to save webpage as PDF in browser but you can use add-on and a bit work with Google Chrome. In this post I’ve written about only Google Chrome and Firefox.

How to save webpage as PDF in Google Chrome

save webpage as pdf

Google Chrome has a built in feature for saving current webpage as a pdf. You don’t need to add any explicit extention for that.

Steps :

-> Open the webpage you want to save as a PDF

-> Press Ctrl + P.

-> New window will open. As shown in the image below change the destination to save as PDF.


-> Click on save. Dialog box will open to prompt you for selecting a path to save it. Select the path and Save it.

-> Done! Now you can see your webpage as a PDF in your local drives.

Note : You will see some changes in the CSS of the webpage but useful content of webpage won’t be lost.

How to save webpage as PDF in Mozzila Firefox

Firefox doesn’t has an inbuilt functionality like Google Chrome for saving webpage as PDF but with a Good add-on you can get many features.

Steps :

-> Download print pages to pdf add-on and enable it.

-> You need to restart Firefox for enabling this add-on.

-> You can set here shortcut keys for different operations from add-on options.

-> Default shortcut key for saving webpage as pdf is Ctrl + Shift + Q. So while browsing you can press this shortcut key and save it as a PDF. There is also option for saving all the tabs as PDF.

-> Done! Your browser now can save webpage as PDF and that too without any problem.


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