How to set an authentication icon in Gmail for verified senders

Sometimes you may receive spam mails from very real looking Email IDs. For example some times there is domain similarity that may caused trouble, may be a mail from ‘’ looks very real to you. But when you carefully read this Email ID you can see that it is spam mail. This spam mails can results in very bad situation. False Paypal mail is one of the example. Here is how you can set authentication icon in Gmail for verified senders.

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Steps :

-> Login to your Gmail Account.

-> Click on Gear icon and select settings from it.

-> After opening a setting, navigate to Labs

-> Scroll down a bit, you can see a feature called verified senders. See the image below.

Authentication Icon for verified sender in Gmail

-> Enable it and save the changes. Gmail will reload and now you can see a verified sender icon next to the Name in your inbox. As shown in the below image you can see that Google is a verified sender and I can trust whatever written in the mail.

Authentication icon in Gmail

-> Now you’ll be able to see verified sender to many in many mails including mails from Ebay and Paypal.

This is one of the very useful feature provided in Gmail labs. You can find many amazing features you can add to your Gmail in Gmail labs. If you use any Lab feature then comment here about your favorite Gmail Lab feature.

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Note : You can not actually set authentication icon on your own but there is a criteria for having a authentication icon on that Email ID. If you want to know more then you can find more information from here Authentication Icon for verified senders in Gmail.

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