How to add infinite scrolling to WordPress site with single click

Infinite scrolling is a way to keep your reader engaged in your site. If they scroll down they’ll see other useful posts of and in the way it’ll keep your readers on your site for more time. The more time a reader spend the more good for you because with the time spend they get to know more about the content you write which can eventually lead to a regular reader of your blog.

So now how to add infinite scrolling to WordPress site?

If you are using WordPress as your blog platform than probably you have seen many useful plugin regarding that but why to install another plugin when you can do it with plugins you already have. I am talking about Jetpack plugin. Most WordPress sites uses jetpack plugin because you can add many number of functionalities to your WordPress site with single click. Infinite Scrolling is one of the functionalities that Jetpack provides.


  1. Add Jetpack plugin to your WordPress site from plugins -> Add New.
  2. You will see Jetpack option on the left side of the dashboard of WordPress.
  3. Hover your mouse pointer over it and click on settings.
  4. You can see number of functionalities here. Scroll a bit and you can find infinite scroll there.
  5. Activate it and you have successfully added infinite scroll to your WordPress site.

Infinite Scroll to WordPress site

Check your site now and go scroll down. You can see infinite scroll effect. If you don’t like infinite scroll now goback and deactivate it. This plugin has many other feature such as related posts, social sharing below every posts and also some security features. So you don’t have to install any unnecessary plugins for such a small thing now.

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