Remove audio from dual audio movie with simple tool

Almost all the media player in our computers or the television supports dual audio movie but some old Televisions or media player don’t support it. Even if they support there is no option for changing to other language in which we want to see movie. In this case only choice you got is to download movie once again or you can remove one audio which you don’t want to. In this post I am discussing on how you can remove audio from dual audio movie.

Steps to Remove Audio From Dual Audio Movie

  • Download MKVToolnix from here.
  • Install it and open it.
  • Add your dual audio movie with add source file option at the bottom.

Remove audio from Dual audio movie

  • Now you have to know the audio which you want to remove from your dual audio movie. There are two types of audio in dual audio movies. One which is default audio which will play automatically when you open the video and other one is when you manually change your audio. So remove the one by scrolling horizontally and see which one is default.
  • Uncheck the check box of the audio which you want to remove and click on the start muxing.
  • Your videos will be in .mkv format but you can choose your format by selecting name in the output file.
  • All done. One audio is successfully removed from your video. Now you can play it wherever you want without worrying.

You can use the same tool to add audio to make your videos dual audio. Just add audio and start muxing the same way. Also note that whichever video format is of input your video output will be in mkv format after that you can convert it with video converter. This is very simple and easy to use tool still if you have any problems let me know by comments.

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