Increase Your Productivity With This Chrome Extention – StayFocusd

Have you played a chain reaction game which is quite popular multiplayer mobile game. We play this same game every day. Don’t be confused, I am talking about how we waste(!) our time on social networking sites. Sometimes we forgot our important things by spending too much time on some not so useful sites.I am not any exception in this thing but i am trying to sort this thing as soon as possible. Recently reading on some site I came to know about a chrome extension. Which helps us to stay focused while spending time on internet. All I can say about this extension is excellent. It saves my lot of time and make me more productive than my previous days.

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Some of the features of this great extension are as follows.

  • Block whole site or block subdomain
    • You can enter as many sites as you want in blocked sites list.

Stayfocusd -  increase productivity

  • Timer to check how much time left for surfing blocked websites

    • Timer will be running while you browse those blocked sites and notify you when time is over and blocks it.

Stay Focus - Increase Productivity

  • Solve Challenge to Change Setting
    • There is a setting named require challenge in which you can set custom text and every time you have to make changes to any setting you have to type that text that too without any typo. So when you press backspace or delete or wrong key you have to start typing from start.
  • The Nuclear Option
    • Once this setting is set you can’t change this even if you want to. So either you have to remove this extension to remove those settings or you can focus on your work
  • Active Days
    • Active days allowed you to set free days. So you can visit those sites in weekends.
  • Max allowed time
    • You can set time for which you have allowed by yourself to spend. When you try to change this setting by increasing allowed time, it warns you many time. This is cool feature.

So install this extension and believe me it will help you a lot. If you have other ideas to stop procrastinating and makes us productive then let me know by your useful comment.

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