How To Have Complete Mozilla Firefox Themes similar to Google Chrome

If you are using Mozilla Firefox then chances might be there that you are searching for complete Firefox themes similar to Google Chrome which covers the whole browser not just menu bar. In the Firefox themes sections there are many themes available but those are not complete which means that the theme will only applies to the top side. No change on the background. If you are searching for how to have those backgrounds in Firefox and how to change complete look of Firefox then continue reading.

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There are two ways for having complete Firefox themes.

  • Install Complete Firefox themes
  • Install browser background add-on

Install Complete Firefox Themes

Not many of us knows about this section of Firefox. Click here and check out many amazing complete themes. By installing these themes you can change the look of your browser completely. Some of those themes are no updated so some of them are not supported to the new versions but still there are plenty of other themes to choose from.

Complete Firefox Themes


Click on any one of them and when new page opens click on +Add to Firefox. Now your theme will be downloaded and to apply it you need to restart Firefox. So restart it and now you can see that the look of your browser is completely changed.

Install browser backgrounds add-on

This is the extension which will help you for putting up your own picture in the backgrounds. You can have any other theme with these add-on. I am using this way instead of having complete theme. You can use any number of wallpapers in the background. Just install this add-on and restart Firefox.


Here is the screenshot with this add-on. You can use any number of wallpapers with this. Every time you open a new tab one of those backgrounds will be loaded. Enjoy this new look of your browser every time you open new tab.

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