How to Make Fake Twitter Tweets or Facebook Posts

You may have seen some very comedy and hilarious screenshot of Fake Twitter Tweets or Facebook posts in social networking sites. If you wonder how can you create one for your self than ther are many online services available. I am listing some of them here which I have used and are good.

With this site you can easily create Facebook post as well as fake Facebook chat conversations. If you are looking for fake tweets then also this site will help you in creating one. You can easily create fake tweet as well as fake twitter messages. Below is the screenshot of a random fake Facebook post which is created with this site. You can also use smileys with the post and can add any number of comments or replies. Moreover if you want to send this fake Twitter Tweets/Facebook Posts in Whatsapp messages or via any other messenger services  then there is also option available to download this as a JPG image.

Fake Twitter Tweets or Facebook Posts

This is similar service but in addition to fake Twitter Tweets or Facebook Posts you can also create fake iPhone text or Yahoo answers. You can upload Photos of the profile who have posted as well as commentators. Here also you can add any number of comments in the posts. If you want to spread this around your group then you can download this as a JPG image. There is no login or signup require to create one.

This is only for Fake Facebook posts. Here you have to login to your Facebook account if you want to use this site but it offers many good features such as uploading a image, Relationship status and became friends with. You just have to write it in plain text and its done. Moreover this site showcase trending posts to their site so in case your fake Facebook post is very good then you’ll may get feature on their site.

Fake Twitter Tweets or Facebook Posts

So these were the services which I have used. So make Fake Facebook Posts/Twitter Tweets, make fun, laugh and made others laugh. If you are using other services then this then let us notify in the comment section.

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