Set Global HotKeys for VLC Media Player

Global hotkeys are the hotkeys which always works whether or not the program is on focus. Many keyboard comes with some build in hotkeys for changing songs to play and pause it. Which works with Windows Media Player. VLC Media player has this feature but you have to set it manually. Here in this post I’ll explain on how you can set global hotkeys for vlc media player so that you can change/play/pause music even without opening VLC Media Player every time.

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Steps to Set Global Hotkeys for VLC Media Player

  • Open VLC Media Player
  • Click on the Tools from upper menubar and select Preferences from that or you can use shortcut key Ctrl+P.
  • Now a new window will open. Select the last option, hotkeys from it.
  • As shown in the image below, you can see the option for the global hotkeys.
  • Double click on any of the option to set global hotkeys.
  • Global Hotkeys for VLC Media Player
  • Once done. Click on save.
  • To use this global hotkeys you have to restart your VLC Media Player to use them.
  • Done. Now you have global hotkeys for VLC Media Playe so that you can change your songs even without opening VLC easily.

Ideally you should set a combination of keys as global hotkeys something like ALT+N or Lshift+N for next song because if you set a single key for as the global hotkeys for VLC media player then you can’t use that key while doing other work other wise your song will change which is not good. So use combinations. If you face any problems with this let me know by comments.

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