How To Skip Recycle Bin When Deleting File in Windows

When we delete any files from our computer it wasn’t actually deleted it went to the Recycle Bin of our computer. It helps us recover files which were deleted accidentally or which were deleted by some other user of computer. Drawback of this scheme is that you have to manually delete those files from Recycle bin after that. Better way to do is skip recycle bin while deleting a file and free that memory immediately.

Steps to Skip Recycle Bin While Deleting a File in Windows

  • Go to Desktop and find Recycle Bin icon. If it is not there then follow below steps to show Recycle bin on Desktop.
    • Press Windows key and write “Desktop Icons” in search box.
    • Now select “Show or hide common icons on Desktop”
    • Select Recycle bin and press OK
  • Once you found Recycle bin right click on it and select Properties from it.
  • Now there is radio button for “Don’t move files to Recycle Bin. Remove files immediately when deleted”

skip recycle bin

  • Press OK. Now when you delete any files it won’t go to Recycle Bin.

After this change do remember that once you deleted a file or folder you can no longer restore it as it is not in Recycle Bin now. Another way to do is selectively delete files or folder each time. For example if you want to delete files selectively then you can use Shift+Delete shortcut key to skip recycle bin while deleting a file or folder. So when you do normal delete the file/folder will go to recycle bin but when you use shift+del it will be deleted permanently.

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