Turn Your Old Android Phone Into Security Camera

Technology is evolving at a very faster speed. Our newly purchased smart phone who has latest technology as of now will be considered as old technology phone just a month or two later. We change our phone in after some amount of time may be after a year if not six month. After purchasing old phone if you are thinking about what to do with your old phone than here is one of the great way to use your phone. Turn old android phone into security camera that too without any other expenses.

What you need to have to turn old android phone to security camera?

You don’t need to have anything other that your old android phone and a place where you can keep it for recording. Just find a place where you can connect a charger easily other wise your phone will run out of battery and it will become dead. If you want a recording to store in your local PC then keep it connected with your home network.

Steps to Turn Your Old Android Phone Into Security camera

  • There are many apps available for recording with your phone camera. But I am using IPwebcam for my phone and it is free of cost. Though premium version also available but free version is enough as of now.
  • So download this app and start it. You can set the resolution of video. Don’t set it too high because if you are going to record it then it will eat up so much memory. Experiment with it and see which one is good for you.
  • Now scroll down to last and you can see option for start server. Select it and your security camera is set.

How to see record and see it?

There are two options for that.

  1. Connect your phone to internet through data packs which is costly and I don’t suggest to use it.
  2. Connect it to your home router. This is the way you should be using.

Once you have connected your old mobile with home network open the app and start server. At the bottom of screen you can see IP address which will be something like.

Open your PC/Laptop and open any browser. A page will open as shown in the below image. Click on the first option, a file will be downloaded. Open it with VLC media player. You can see the recording on your PC. There is no direct option for recording it but with the help of VLC media player we can easily record it.

Old Android Phone Into Security Camera

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VLC media player has a built in option for recording currently playing video which is exactly we need, recording currently playing video. If you can’t see red button for recording as shown in the below image then follow the below steps to enable it.

Old Android Phone Into Security Camera

  • Click on the view from upper menu bar.
  • Select Advanced Controls from them
  • Done. Now you can see the recording button.

Press it and now your recording is started. Once done press it again to stop. You can see the recording in your computer Libraries\Videos.

That’s all. Now you have a security camera that too without any additional cost. If you have any problem with this guide then let us know by comments.

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