How to Add Addon Domain To Bluehost

Bluehost provides various packages in web hosting. Such as Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, Dedicated hosting etc. Bluehost offers one free domain when you buy hosting package from them. If you have bought unlimited domains plan then you can add as many websites you want. When you plan to add another website and buy your domain from other domain registrar then you need to add addon domain to Bluehost.

What is addon domain?

When you have purchased domain from other company, you need to add your domain to your bluehost account to use the domain with Bluehost. These types of domains are called addon domains.

How to add addon domain to bluehost?

Adding an addon domain to bluehost is an easy and simple process. Follow this step by step guide to add addon domain to bluehost.

  • First you need to change the nameservers of your domain.  You need to point your nameservers to Bluehost. If you don’t know how to change the nameservers then follow this step by step guide. The guide has taken GoDaddy as domain company but the process is same for any other company.
  • Once you’ve changed the nameservers, login to your Bluehost account. In the upper menu select domains > assign as shown in the image below.add addon domain to bluehost
  • New page will open. Here you have to enter your domain name and press enter. Bluehost will verify your domain name by inspecting the nameservers. So if you have skipped the first step, you cannot go ahead from here.add addon domain to bluehost


  • Now there will be 3 options, addon domain, parked domain and unassigned domain. Since we are planning to start our website now, we’ll select addon domain.
  • In this last step, you need to create new directory. You can select the existing directory if you have created one or else select Create a new directory. In this new directory all the files of your new domain will be found. This way new domains becomes manageable and you can easily find your files while using FTP.add addon domain to bluehost


  • Here you also have to enter sub-domain name which is necessary when adding addon domain. You can access your website with sub-domain name as well.

When you complete all the steps click on assign this domain. It will take some time to add addon domain. You can use your newly added addon domain for your website. You can install wordpress to the newly added domain via Bluehost one click wordpress installer or you can add your static websites.

If you have followed this guide step by step and still facing some problem then comment below, I will solve your problem.

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