Point Domain to Bluehost From Other Hosting

Bluehost is one of the top rated company when it comes to the web hosting. Most of the time hosting company offers free domain but if you already have domain or you’ve purchased domain from other hosting company then you need to point your domain to Bluehost. Here’s a guide on how you can point domain to Bluehost.

Let me first explain about pointing a domain. You’ve purchased a domain and you’ve put some files on your hosting. To show those files when someone type your domain name you need to point them to your files.

Note : This guide will help you to point your domain to Blusthost but you still need to add your domain in your bluehost account. Here is how you can add addon domain to Bluehost.

Steps to point domain to Bluehost

This guide will show you how you can point domain to Bluehost from domain purchased with GoDaddy.

  • Login to your GoDaddy account.
  • Expand the domains section and click on Manage DNS as shown in the image below.Point Domain to Bluehost


  • You will see the option to change Nameservers. Click on the change.
  • In the given two text box, select Nameserver type as custom and in the below two text boxes you need to enter Bluehost nameservers. Bluehost Nameservers are
    • NS1.Bluehost.com
    • NS2.bluehost.compoint-domain-to-bluehost


  • Once you enter the nameservers click on save. It will take sometime to reflect the changes.

Though I have taken the example of GoDaddy, steps remains same. All you need to do is add nameservers of Bluehost.

Meanwhile you can add your domain to your Bluehost hosting account. While adding your domain to Bluehost it is necessary for your domain to point to Bluehost to verify it. So this is how you can point domain to Bluehost. If you have any query or problems regarding the steps, comment here I will solve your doubt.

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