How To Start Firefox In Safe Mode

If you are a windows user, you may have heard about the safe mode. When your PC is causing problems and you want to troubleshoot it, you start the PC in safe mode. In the case of Firefox, when you install so many add-ons, some of the add-ons  create problems and makes Firefox slower. I keep my add-ons disabled and only use them when needed. So if your Firefox is working slow then start it in safe mode to see if add-ons are creating any problem.

Steps to start Firefox in safe mode



  • Open Firefox and on the top right corner click on the menu icon just below the close button. On the bottom side, there is a question mark icon, select it.
  • A new side menu will open, select Restart With Add-ons Disabled from it.

start firefox in safe mode

  • Now Firefox will restart. In the new window select Start In Safe Mode. If you choose to Refresh Firefox then it will factory reset the Firefox keeping essential information.
  • You can see that extensions are not enabled. Check if your problem still exists. If it is gone then extensions are causing problem. Remove unnecessary extensions and try to disable one by one to see which one is causing problem.
Method-2(Windows User)


  • If you think there are too many steps and you want to use safe mode frequently, You can also create shortcut to start Firefox in safe mode.

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  • Search for the Firefox.exe. Main executable of Firefox. Right click on the Firefox.exe and select Create Shortcut. 
  • Place this shortcut on your desktop. So you can quickly access it whenever needed. Right click on the shortcut and select Properties from it.
  • There are some fields where we can specify options. In the target field, append “-safe-mode” without quotes. Click on apply and close it.

start firefox in safe mode

Now whenever you will open Firefox through this shortcut, it will prompt you to start in safe mode. So if your Firefox is not working like it should, start in safe mode and see if performance improves. If performance improves then it is likely to be some extension causing problem and if it doesn’t then there may be some settings which are causing problems. Review your personal settings to check if they are affecting your performance.


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